Ali - HV4923

Female Cat aged 3 years 5 months.

Ali is the longest resident at the PFLU Adoption Center. She has been with us since February 2020! She came to us pregnant, had her babies in April and has been looking for a home since May, 2020. For about 7 months she hid, occasionally letting someone pet her, but not often. A loving volunteer wanted to give her a break and took her home for a couple weeks at Christmas time. She reported back that within a couple of days Ali was sitting on her lap! Back at the adoption center now, Ali is more willing to say hi to visitors, mainly weaving between their legs. She needs a home of her own to really come out of her shell. This beautiful girl will make a great pet if given the chance!

Allister - BIC-Sukie1

Female Cat aged 13 weeks.

Bandit - OTO6477

Male Cat aged Adult.

Basil - OTO010

Male Cat aged Senior.

Basil was adopted from us as a kitten 8 years ago and was sadly returned after his elderly owner passed away. He has been through a lot of changes in a short amount of time but has begun to settle in and show affection. We have introduced him to other cats and he seems to mostly ignore them. He may do well with another mellow cat. He can sometimes be unpredictable and give some little "love bites", but he just mostly craves attention and pets. Come and see if Basil is the guy you've been looking for!

Beatrix - BIC-Sukie2

Female Cat aged 13 weeks.

Bentley - OTO6540

Male Cat aged Adult.

Bowie - LAC0521

Unknown Dog aged 16 weeks.

Bronson - U1111

Male Dog aged Adult.

Brownie - LAC0251

Female Dog aged Adult.

Choco - U9375

Female Cat aged 9 weeks.

Chunky Monkey - U0836

Female Cat aged 9 weeks.

Cooper - MC01

Male Dog aged Adult.

Creed - OTO1183

Male Cat aged 16 weeks.

Daisy - OTO0634

Female Cat aged 14 weeks.

Daybell - U0192

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Dori - U0170

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Dori is a wonderful young lady looking for a home! She is affectionate with everyone, and does well with cats and dogs.

Elvira - HV6805

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Ezmerelda - BIC-Sukie3

Female Cat aged 13 weeks.

Fox - OTO0097

Male Cat aged 1 year 3 months.

Fox was a feral guy who was scheduled for a TNR (trap, neuter, release), however he had a badly injured leg that required an amputation so he stayed with us. He has warmed up to people and now enjoys getting pets and will even lean into them. He is shy at first and will take a little while to settle in, but he is so worth the wait! And who doesn't love a tripod?

Frank Jr - U0319

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Happy - OTO-stacy1

Male Cat aged 17 weeks.

Harvey - OTO9697

Male Cat aged 5 years 5 months.

Harvey is a very vocal gentleman. He is a very sweet guy that craves attention and cuddles. He tolerates other cats, but would prefer all of your attention. He has been exposed to dogs and just climbs up high out of the way. He may do well with a mellow dog that would not chase him. If you think Harvey could be your guy, he would love to meet you at our Adoption Center.

Honey - BIC1828

Female Dog aged 15 weeks.

Jake - U1112

Male Dog aged Adult.

Klondike - U9744

Male Cat aged Baby.

Kuzko - HV7162

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Luigi - OTO2176

Male Cat aged 14 weeks.

Lulu - SJ099B

Female Dog aged Senior.

Marvel - NC4578

Male Dog aged Adult.

Marvel is an active guy ready to join you on all your adventures! He'd make an excellent running, hiking and camping buddy. Marvel can be unsure about new people so don't be surprised if he gives you some barks initially, but within the hour he'll be your BFF. Marvel does well with dogs and cats. Due to his high energy and sometimes jumping tendencies, we'd recommend a home without small children.

Max - U8933

Female Cat aged 13 weeks.

Merlyn - BIC-Sukie6

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Murphy - OTO0100

Male Dog aged Adult.

Murphy is a beautiful Golden Retriever/Poodle mix searching for a new home. Over the past year Murphy has grown increasingly scared of strangers. Murphy does not have a problem with strangers that give him space, but may react to people that enter his space too quickly. Murphy does have a bite history and because of this, we will only let him to go a family that is experienced working with reactive dogs and who can commit to continuing his muzzle training and positive exposure to new people/situations.

Murphy does well with confident dogs, and has had many successful playdates with other dogs. He walks well on a leash, and loves to play fetch.

Nevel - BIC-Sukie5

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Nurse Betty - U9940

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Pacha - HV6848

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Peanut - AZ1639

Male Dog aged Senior.

Pebbles - LAC6919

Female Dog aged 16 weeks.

Perry - U1882

Female Cat aged 6 months.

Petunia - HV1409

Female Cat aged 1 year 8 months.

Poe - U4467

Female Cat aged 1 year 3 months.

Poe is just the sweetest little girl! Just over one year old, she is still playful and absolutely adores people. She loves to be held and cuddled. She does well with other cats and would do well with a well behaved dog. She would love to meet you at our Adoption Center and show you how beautiful she is, inside and out!

Precious - OTO0394

Female Cat aged 5 years 6 months.

Princess Kitty - WC5178

Female Cat aged 3 years 8 months.

If you fancy yourself a cat whisperer, we have your girl! She is a beautiful girl and mostly wants to be admired. She will rub on you and let you sneak in a few pets before she decides you're not worthy. If you are up for the challenge, she will definitely be worth it.

Raegan - U1774

Male Cat aged Baby.

Ranger - LAC0011

Male Dog aged 16 weeks.

Rapunzel - U8898

Female Cat aged 1 year 2 months.

Rapunzel is a stunning cat ready to join your family! She is gal who loves to soak up all the attention from people. Rapunzel has done well meeting other cats, but would prefer a home without dogs.

Raya - U8644

Female Cat aged Baby.

Remy - U1837

Female Cat aged Baby.

Rigby - HV2072

Male Cat aged 15 weeks.

Sally - OTO0975

Female Dog aged 1 year 0 months.

Shadow - OTO4358

Male Dog aged 4 years 0 months.

Shelby - CC1876

Female Cat aged 1 year 4 months.

Shelby was picked up from the Carbon County Shelter with a litter of kittens. All of her kittens have since been adopted, and like many moms, Shelby has been overlooked. She is very shy and spends most of her days hidden away, but will let you reach into her hiding spot to pet her, which she seems to enjoy. With a patient, quiet home Shelby should blossom. Could that home be yours?

Sherbert - U8749

Male Cat aged 9 weeks.

Sia - U1345

Female Cat aged 1 year 2 months.

Hello, I’m Cia and I’m an empty nester. I raised six kittens and was nurturing, attentive, and patient with each of them. Now I’m hoping for a quiet home with a patient person or two who will give me all the love and care I gave my babies.

The world is a pretty scary place for me and I’ve learned people aren’t always kind, so I will be my best self in a low-key home where I can take a little time to feel comfortable. I might cower or give a warning hiss when we first meet, but I’m not opposed to a slow gentle pet once I realize you’re safe. I’m definitely worth the wait. Pretty soon I’ll be meeting you at the door for you, rubbing up against your leg, and patiently hoping you’ll reach down and pet me. Once I trust you, I absolutely love to be petted! And I have a gentle purr to let you know how much I’m enjoying your company.

I am very low maintenance and don’t ask for anything. I keep myself very clean. I use my box consistently and am not fussy about the type of litter. I gratefully eat whatever food I’m offered. I never scratch furniture, but I do enjoy a little corrugated cardboard to stretch my paws on. I stay off the furniture unless I’m invited, and mostly prefer a nice nap on the floor. I’m pretty quiet but I will engage in a little conversation once I get to know you.

I definitely don’t like dogs (they really scare me). I met children in my foster home and hid from them. I also hide from guests, but as soon as the coast is clear I’ll come back out to be with you. I’m hoping you are the person who will give me all the love I deserve and a nice quiet home where I can finally relax.

Sirius - BIC-Sukie4

Male Cat aged 13 weeks.

Sophie - OTO8562

Female Dog aged 7 years 5 months.

Stephanie - D20205680

Female Dog aged 1 year 9 months.

Stephanie is a nervous/shy girl looking for a patient home that can dedicate time to continuing her socialization and confidence building. Stephanie will growl and snap at strangers. Once she warms up to you, she is super cuddly and will follow you around like a little shadow. Stephanie does well with dogs, and is curious about cats. We will be looking for a home without small children, as we worry she could be easily startled. Stephanie really is a sweet girl who needs someone that can be proactive with her introductions to new people.

Sukie - HV-5

Female Cat aged 2 years 3 months.

Susan - U2040

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

If you are looking for a constant companion, then Susan is your girl! A more fitting name for her may have been Shadow! She wants to be part of your every activity. So if you are looking for ALL the loving x 10, please come and meet Susan at our Adoption Center.

Taz - OTO6352

Male Cat aged Adult.

Tiger - OTO6340

Female Cat aged Adult.

Tiger is a shy gal looking for a new home. She has previously lived well with other cats. She would love a home that will give her time to settle in and come out of her shell.

Tigger - OTO8384

Female Cat aged Adult.

Tiny - OTO-stacy3

Female Cat aged 17 weeks.

Torra - LAR4982

Female Dog aged 3 years 9 months.

Wolfie - OTO-stacy2

Female Cat aged 17 weeks.

Yzma - HV0519

Female Cat aged 13 weeks.

Zelva - U0329

Female Cat aged 1 year 3 months.

Zelva is an easy going kitty looking for her family. She is good with other cats, dogs and children. She is a beautiful dilute tortie that loves belly rubs and is soft as cashmere! If you are looking to add a sweetheart of a cat to your family, please come down and meet Zelva at our Adoption Center.

Zion - OTO6583

Female Cat aged 1 year 0 months.

Zonkers - U

Female Cat aged 1 year 9 months.

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